Why Choose Gumnut Dance For Your Child?

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Why Choose Gumnut Dance For Your Child?

Benefits of our program
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The founder of Gumnut Dance, Justine Lennane, has made it her mission to help parents encourage their children’s creativity and imagination through dance. Justine believes dance helps kids to express themselves and is a powerful way to boost their confidence and sense of self. Her philosophy of a positive, non-competitive dance education is instilled in everything Gumnut Dance does and her enthusiasm for dance teaching is passed on to her passionate team of teachers.

I have always felt strongly about the importance of the arts in children’s lives. As a dance educator for many years, I have seen firsthand the amazing benefits dance brings to children including coordination, strength, flexibility, musical appreciation, teamwork and a self confidence that is the product of a positive dance education.” Justine Lennane, Director

Your child’s creativity and imagination, physical and social capabilities and artistic and musical appreciation will be enhanced and developed through our carefully crafted classes and high-quality teaching.

Give your child the opportunity to develop a sense of self, belonging and artistic expression in a caring environment, free from the pressure of exams, competitions and big concerts.

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