What are we learning in term 2?

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What are we learning in term 2?

We are very excited for our contemporary dance unit here at Gumnut! This term, our students are diving into the expressive and dynamic world of contemporary dance, where creativity knows no bounds.

Our Rainbow Gumnuts (3.5 to5yrs), are embarking on an imaginative journey exploring the themes of water and weather. Through fluid movements and expressive choreography, they are learning to embody the essence of rain, rivers, and storms, bringing these natural elements to life through dance.

Meanwhile, our Scribbly dancers are celebrating the changing seasons with their autumn and spring dances. They are capturing the vibrant colours of autumn leaves and the fresh bloom of spring flowers. This thematic approach not only enhances their dance skills but also deepens their connection to the environment around them.

Starting from Snow 1, our students are introduced to the fundamental techniques of contemporary dance. They are building a strong foundation with lessons in balance, flexibility, and coordination, essential skills that will serve them well as they progress. These young dancers are learning to express emotions and stories through movement, discovering the power of dance as a form of communication.

Our older classes, including the Ribbon, Silver, and Gold groups, are taking their skills to the next level. These students are not only refining their technique but also preparing for our highly anticipated end-of-year showcase. This event is a highlight of the Gumnut dance calendar, where students have the opportunity to perform on stage and share their hard work and passion with family and friends.

The showcase will feature a variety of performances, each one a testament to the dedication and progress our students have made throughout the year

We are incredibly proud of all our Gumnut dancers and look forward to a term filled with creativity, growth, and unforgettable dance experiences.


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