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We’re passionate about creativity and a fun environment for our Gumnuts to thrive in.

Canberra’s award winning creative dance education for kids

The Gumnut Dance Story...

Gumnut Dance is a leading professional children’s dance studio located in Mitchell, Canberra. At our school, we aim to encourage a widespread love of dance through our professional dance classes and welcome children who can’t help but feel the rhythm!

Our founder Justine, started Gumnut Dance in July 2013. At the time she was searching for a dance school for her then 3-year-old daughter which was age-appropriate and focused on enjoyment and creativity rather than competitions and exams. When her search was unsuccessful, Justine decided to put her dance teaching skills to use and launch Gumnut Dance!

We have two professionally fitted studios and offer classes for students aged 2 and above. Our classes ensure your Gumnut grows in their love of dance, creativity, self-expression and musical development.

We provide a fun, vibrant environment to make your child feel at ease from their first class up until they are hurrying through the doors and twirling around the room – which won’t take long!

So if you’re looking for an activity for your child, classes at Gumnut Dance are a fantastic choice!

Dance Teachers Canberra


At Gumnut Dance we positively reach our community through dance.

Our supportive dance education inspires your child’s first creative movements into a life-long love of dance and learning.

Emily Lawrence

Director, Gumnut Dance


At Gumnut We’re Bound To Impress

See below some of the proven benefits of becoming a part of the Gumnut Dance family.

Dance Teachers Canberra

We’re Focused on Creativity, Not Performance

We let kids be kids! Our classes allow your child an incredible opportunity to be creative and to express their feelings.


“Thank you so much for the lesson – my daughter loved it and is looking forward to the next one very much (she told me on the way home she wished she could do dance class every day).”


Gumnut Dance parent

Impressive Teaching For a Thriving Child

Our skilled teachers ensure that your child learns dance in a safe and comfortable environment, leaving your child eager for their next class!


“Thanks for the high quality and consistent communication. I also really enjoy seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces as they exit the class and I know you and Emily are doing an amazing job sharing dancing with our littlies. I have recommended your dance classes to my friends.”


Gumnut Dance parent

Dance Teachers Canberra
Dance Teachers Canberra

We’re a Fun and Supportive Environment

Learning new skills allows your child to get out of their comfort zone and prove to themselves that they can try new things.


“I highly recommend Gumnut dance! It’s absolutely brilliant for building kids’ self esteem and everyone is so friendly and accepting of everyone. Thank you!” “


Gumnut Dance parent

This Is It…

Your Next Steps


Book In Your Trial Class

Trial a class at the beginning of each term so you can try before committing.


Experience Gumnut Dance

Our fun, high energy classes are bound to impress you and your Gumnut.


Enrol In Our Classes

If you like your experience, then join the Gumnut Dance family!

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Meet the Team

The Gumnut Dance team of friendly dance teachers have a range of skills they can share with our students.

Emily Lawrence


Emily Lawrence is a passionate dance teacher with many years of teaching experience, she is excited to be stepping into her role as Director of Gumnut Dance and looks forward to continuing studio founder Justine Lennane’s legacy.

Emily is an Affiliate member of the Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD) and is certified in Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT). She is constantly taking classes and workshops to further develop her teaching skills. Emily also holds a current First Aid qualification and Working With Vulerable People check.

As a dance teacher, Emily prioritizes creating a safe and supportive environment for her students. She believes that all students should feel comfortable and respected in their dance classes. She also believes that it is important to provide students with opportunities to learn and grow at their own pace.

Emily is excited to continue her work as a dance teacher and to help more young people discover the joy of dance.



Sarah trained with QL2, and performed with their Quantum Leap ensemble. Sarah has trained in ballet (RAD Intermediate exam), contemporary, jazz and hip hop. Sarah is studying toward an Environmental Science degree.
Sarah joined Gumnut Dance in early 2019.


Jahna is a dynamic and passionate dance teacher with many years of experience in the industry. She has performed and choreographed for QL2, showcasing her creative talent and dedication to the art of dance. Additionally, Jahna has graced the runway at New York Fashion Week, blending her dance expertise with the world of fashion. She is thrilled to join the Gumnut Dance team and looks forward to inspiring the next generation of dancers.


Abby is a versatile and dedicated dance teacher with extensive training in ballet, tap, and musical theatre, she continues to refine her skills at 6th Position. With many years of dance and performance experience, Abby brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her teaching. She is very excited to be a part of the Gumnut Dance team and is eager to inspire and guide her students on their dance journeys.


Olivia trains in jazz, lyrical, contemporary and musical theatre. In her spare time, Olivia likes to play netball. Olivia is very excited to be  a part of the Gumnut Dance team as a junior assistant teacher for classes, holiday programs and parties.
Olivia joined Gumnut Dance in early 2023.


Sofia has trained in ballet, jazz, tap, and contemporary. Sofia is so excited to be a part of the Gumnut Dance team and loves assisting classes and birthday parties. Sofia has stage performance experience through dance and musicals through her school where she has performed lead roles.
Sofia joined Gumnut Dance in mid 2022.


Bethany is the welcoming face of Gumnut Dance, bringing her friendly and approachable demeanour to her role as receptionist. She is very excited to meet everyone and be a part of the Gumnut Dance team, looking forward to assisting students and parents with all their needs. Bethany’s enthusiasm and dedication help create a warm and inviting atmosphere at the studio.



Amelia is a talented performer with a rich background in ballet, singing, and musical theatre. Often taking the lead in school musicals, she brings her vibrant performance skills to every role she undertakes. Amelia is very excited to bring her positive attitude and endless energy to the birthday parties she hosts.


Josie has trained in ballet, jazz, musical theatre and contemporary. As well as dancing, Josie also does athletics at an elite level. Josie is so excited to be a part of the Gumnut Dance team and loves assisting classes and holiday program.
Josie joined Gumnut Dance as a team member in mid 2022.


Isla has trained in jazz, ballet, contemporary and musical theatre. In her spare time, Isla likes to play soccer. Isla is very excited to be a part of the Gumnut Dance team as a junior assistant teacher for classes, holiday programs and parties.
Isla joined the Gumnut Dance team in early 2024.


Lacey has trained in jazz, hip hop, and lyrical. As well as dancing, Lacey also plays soccer at an elite level. Lacey is very excited to be a part of the Gumnut Dance team as a junior assistant teacher for classes, holiday programs and parties. Lacey joined the Gumnut Dance team in early 2024.