New Classes 2024

We are excited to announce that Gumnut Dance will be offering new classes in 2024 to create more opportunities for our dancers.

With our new classes, dancers will have the chance to
further explore different dance styles, improve their technique, and unleash their creativity.These new classes will be taught using the Australian Teachers of Dancing syllabus.In addition to our much loved Gumnut Dance combination classes, we will also be offering the


  • Mini 3.5 – 5yrs
  • Junior 5 – 8yrs
  • Intermediate 9-13yrs

Ballet combines elegant and precise movements with storytelling and classical music. It emphasizes technique, poise, and artistry.


  • Mini 3.5 – 5yrs
  • Junior 5 – 8yrs

Jazz is a dynamic dance style characterized by syncopated rhythms, energetic movements, and a fusion of various dance techniques, often performed to upbeat music.


  • Mini 3.5 – 5yrs
  • Junior 5 – 8yrs

Tap dance is a rhythmic and percussive dance style in which dancers create intricate sounds by striking the floor with metal-tipped shoes, often accompanied by lively music.

We cannot wait to see how our dancers continue to grow their love of dance through these new classes. All of our new classes are beginner friendly and are currently accepting enrolments via our online enrolment portal.

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