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Rest assured there are no ‘dance moms’ (or dads) at Gumnut Dance!
In early 2013, I was doing exactly what you’re doing now – looking for a dance school for my child, then aged 3.5 years. I was a bit nervous as I was unsure of letting her into the ‘dance world’ – it seemed so different from when I grew up (things have become more competitive with TV shows like Dance Moms and So You Think You Can Dance and a plethora of dance competitions).
What with the pressure on kids, focus on looks and the expense of it all – costly fees, costumes, make-up, different dance wear for every type of dance (the list goes on), I felt overwhelmed and I’d spent a good many years in the dance world. I decided I did not want that for my daughter – she was quite introverted and would not have coped with a competitive or overly strict environment at such a young age.

I wanted to impart my knowledge to my daughter, who also inspired the name Gumnut Dance – I used to call her my ‘gumnut girl’ when she was a tiny baby.
We have a focus on dance education with a non-competitive program for 2 – 12 year olds.

If you’re looking for a dance school that focuses on the enjoyment of dance, creativity, imagination and fun, and has high quality facilities with spacious and professionally fitted out studios (including sprung floors), and definitely no dance mums, then I think you’ve found what you’re looking for.

Your family will be warmly welcomed.

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