Winner – Small Business Woman of the Year 2021

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Winner – Small Business Woman of the Year 2021

The Rubik 3 Canberra Women in Business Awards were held virtually on Friday 28 October and we’re excited to announce that our Director, Justine Lennane, won the Solace Creations Small Business Woman of the Year Award category!

Justine was also a finalist in the Elite Event Technology Innovation Business Woman of the Year Award.

The following is an excerpt of Justine’s acceptance speech:

“Thank you so much to Canberra Women in Business, Rubik 3 for making the awards possible.

I’m honoured and quite shocked to be the recipient of the Small Business Woman of the Year Award. I’d like to extend my gratitude to the award category sponsor Solace Creations for making this award possible.

I’d like to acknowledge my fellow finalists in this category, who are all amazing, resilient businesswomen. I’m honoured to be amongst you all and hope to get to know you beyond a screen soon.

I’m so honoured to have my work and creativity recognised in this way.

This win is not just for me, but for my family and team.

I have an amazing team who work hard and are so dedicated to what we do.

Emily Lawrence is my second in command who challenges me to ensure we’re the best we can be. Thank you Emily!

Thank you to my wonderful teachers who handle everything with amazing resilience, creativity and intelligence.

Of course I’d like to thank my family – my husband James, our children Max and Josie and my mum, Gael, for always being there for me.

They’ve shared all the ups and downs over the years and support me through every situation.

I’d also like to think this award is one for the local performing arts industry, which has been doing it so tough due to COVID.

Closing your business overnight and being one of the last industries to reopen is difficult and heart breaking.

Here’s to all the amazing businesses who’ve had to pivot this year and last.

Thank you”

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